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Notary Public
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Notary Public

Toronto Paralegal and Public Notary is available to offer consultations and mobile
Notarizations, Certifications, Legalizations, Commissioning services.


Gutsan Notary

$50.00 per notarization


of Copies of Documents

Where you have an original document and you want the Notary to make a certified copy of the original.
We provide certification of all documents for domestic or international use.
Bring the originals and the photocopies. The Notary must see the original and there is no copier or printer at our office.
Please note: To be legally valid - if you are photocopying multiple documents onto a single page (for example a passport and a driver's licence), each photocopied image on the page must be separately sealed and certified by the Notary - resulting in a fee for each sealed image.
When you photocopy the front and back of a document they are counted as just one certified copy, even if they are on separate pages.
Who Can Bring? You can bring another person's original documents; the documents don't have to belong to you.
Foreign Language Documents - The original documents can be in any language.
Black/White or Colour? Usually the institution you're sending them to will let you know if they require colour copies; otherwise black/white copies are usually sufficient.
Multi-Page Documents - Unless your institution requires otherwise, a multi-page document only requires one seal. The Notary will indicate the number of pages in the document near his signature, and will signature stamp each page.

Electronic Document Certification

Where the original document can be found only on a webpage of an Internet website, or in an email; we provide an Electronic Document Certification Service whereby the Notary will certify the printout is a true copy of the electronic document.
Disclaimer: Usually, Notaries certify copies of original documents where the Notary can view the physical Original. An Electronic Certification while similar may not meet the legal requirements of the institution requesting your documents; especially where the institution has specifically asked for Certified Copies of original documents.It is the Client's responsibility to confirm whether an Electronic Certification will satisfy your particular institution's requirements; the Notary cannot warrant the usefulness of an Electronic Document Certification.
To utilize our Electronic Document Service make sure you bring the website and/or email address, and a printout and/or photocopy for each of your electronic documents; there is no copier or printer at our office.
We can view your electronic documents on our office`s tablet or, to save time, if possible, have the website and/or email address already viewable on your own electronic device when you arrive at our office. The Notary must be able to watch the downloading of each document.
A multi-page document requires only 1 seal. The Notary will seal the 1st page and signature stamp other pages. If 5 or more pages, there is an extra fee of $1 per page.
You can bring another person's documents; the documents don't have to belong to you.
The original documents can be in any language.
Electronic Documents require significantly more time so there is an increased fee for this service (see below).
When making an appointment with our office please indicate how many of your original documents will be electronic documents so we can set aside more time for your appointment.

Notarizing/Witnessing a Signature

Notarize the signing of any document.
Document can be for out-of-province, or out-of-country purposes.
Documents can be in a foreign language. The Notary only needs to properly identify you, and watch you sign. In addition, you will be asked to print your English name beside your signature, if it isn't already there.
The name on the Govt-issued Photo ID you bring must match the name on the document being signed. This is especially important if you have 2 last names.
By law, the person having their signature notarized must appear and sign in front of the Notary.
If your document needs an extra witness, bring someone with you if you can, otherwise we can try to ask another client to be the extra witness. For Wills and Continuing Power of Attorney documents however, you must bring the extra witness.

Notarizing a Document

Someone may ask you to get a document 'NOTARIZED'; but this term can have 3 meanings. 'NOTARIZE' can mean:
Have the Notary notarize your signature on your original document; or
Have the Notary certify your document is an original; or
Have the Notary make a notarized true copy of the original document.
When you ask the Notary to 'NOTARIZE' a document, by law, the Notary cannot tell you which of these options is required. You must determine which one will serve your purpose before you come For Your Appointment!

Gutsan Notary

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Notary Public

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Notary Public

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